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Welcome to Saksa Horses home page!

Saksa Horses is a family business, where all the family members – host Urmas, hostess Terje and their daughters Kärt and Siret – are involved.

Of course Urmas and Terje met in a horse-riding lesson. Urmas was in for three day event and Terje was interested in dressage, but she has also jumped and participated in cross-country races. So they did sport and went out on dates…

… and in 1980 they got married. Then born first daughter Kärt and a few years later daughter Siret. We lived in Luunja, where Urmas worked as a riding base manager. Terje worked in insurance. In 1986 we bought a house where we still live. The house has changed a lot as Urmas has constantly developed it. All our buildings are designed by Urmas.

At the beginning of 90s Urmas worked in Finland and earned money and gained knowledge about farming and horses. He returned with new ideas which needed fulfilling…

So we built a stable in place of barn, reduced the number of sheep, pigs, heifers, rabbits, nutrias, hens and increased the number of horses. We grew oat and hay for animals. Soon we built a sauna, which second floor can be rented out. We committed ourselves only to horses. We built new stable in order to accommodate rent horses and run riding school. Our life motto was: do everything that we like and which enables to live well-off.

The number of riding school members has increased from few students to 60-70. What is more the average age of students has changed and our sphere of activity has expanded. Since 2008 Saksa Riding School is *** riding school which is the highest rank.

We have received several awards e.g Beatiful Home 2002, Best Farm 2001 and many others.

Our home is built in order to enable us and our friends to spent pleasant time.