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Siret Saks

Siret is born in 1984. She has graduated law faculty in the University of Tartu and is working in this field. She has covered III stage training of riding coach. Siret has competed successfully in pony class where she has received 22 different Estonian Championships and Estonian Cup medals. She has also performed well in international three day event competitions.

Tel: +372 522 3804

Terje Saks

Terje is born in 1961. She has covered II stage training of riding coach. In riding school she gives lessons to beginners and advanced riders. Terje deals with riding schools’ projects and papers.

Tel: +372 513 7012

Urmas Saks

Urmas is born in 1958. In riding school he gives driving lessons. He is in for one and two horse carriages. Carriages driven by him are participated in films “Detsembrikuumus” (Decemberheat) and “Nimed marmortahvlil”. His carriages have driven Tartu mayor and his famous quests in Tartu Hanseatic Days.

Tel: +372 506 5374

Kärt Karhunen

Kärt is born in 1982. Currently she is on maternity leave. She is raising two sons and strawberries, raspberries

Tel: +372 5656 8489