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Saksa Riding School***/ Liivimaa Riding Club (LRC) price list

Since 1.09.2008

Month LRC member LRC non-member
ONCE a week without jumping lesson 31 EUR 32 EUR
TWICE a week 62 EUR 64 EUR
THRICE a week, inc 1 jumping lesson 92 EUR 96 EUR
FOUR times a week, inc 1 jumping lesson 122 EUR 128 EUR
  • The riding lesson lasts for 50 minutes
  • Crash-helmet is compulsory in riding lesson
  • Monthly fee is paid for 10. date of the instant month. Monthly fee lasts for 1 month.
  • Students fee applies only to those who have paid yearly fee of Liivimaa Riding Club 7 EUR to SEB pank a/a 10102001540004 (Liivimaa Ratsaklubi).
  • The locker in dressing-room and in saddle-room costs 7 EUR per month and has to be paid to Urmas Saksa Hobused to SEB pank a/a 10102017274005.
  • All students who are in training groups must participate in actions that are connected with taking care of horses, equipment. Also under coaches supervision they must participate in organising competitions according to beforehand arranged schedule.
  • Participating in competitions is for pay, one obstacle is 10 EUR. Coach has the right to free very good and helpful students from pay.
  • If student wants to ride with only one horse, then double month fee must be paid.

Single riding services

1x training in riding school lesson if there are free horses 16 EUR
1x training in riding school lesson with personal horse 7 EUR
Individual training on Saksa stable horse 19 EUR
Individual training with personal horse 10 EUR

Other services

Horse box rent 300 EUR + sale tax (21%)
Blanketing (price of 1 blanket) 10 EUR
Solarium (1 month) 10 EUR
Other special requests extra fee


1 and 2 horse carriage lesson with school horse and equipment 19 EUR
Participation in lesson with personal horse and equipment 10 EUR
Participation in lesson with personal horse and schools' equipment 19 EUR