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Oja Farm, Saksa Horses

Sirgu village, Luunja

Tartumaa, 62201


We are situated about 15 kilometres from Tartu, near Tartu-Räpina road. Drive from Tartu towards Räpina for about 11 kilometers. Before River Emajõgi turn left to Kavastu and drive about 2 more kilometres. Then you will reach to Saksa Horses. From the distance you will see riding grounds and horses.

If you decide to visit us, we would prefer if you let us know beforehand in order to be able to make all necessary preparations.

  • +372 7351087 General phone
  • +372 513 7012 Terje Saks
  • +372 506 5374 Urmas Saks
  • +372 522 3804 Siret Saks

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